Payment Options

Medicare Part A (Hospital Benefit) will pay 100% for home health benefits if you meet all the following conditions:

*    You must be under the care of a doctor, and you must be getting services under a plan of care established and reviewed regularly by a doctor.


*    You must need, and a doctor must certify that you need one or more of the following:

o       Intermittent skilled nursing care

o       Physical Therapy

o       Continued occupational therapy

o       Speech-language pathology services


*    The home health agency caring for you must be approved by Medicare (Medicare-certified).


*    You must be homebound, and a doctor must certify you are homebound.  To be homebound means the following:

o       Leaving your home is not recommended because of your condition

o       Your condition keeps you from leaving home without help (such as using a wheelchair or walker, needing special transportation, or getting help from another person)

o       Leaving home takes a considerable and taxing effort


You may leave home for medical treatment or short, infrequent absences for non-medical reasons, such as attending religious services.  You can still get home health care if you attend adult day care, but you would get the home care services in your home.


Medicaid is the United States health program for eligible individuals and families with low incomes and resources. It is a means tested program that is jointly funded by the states and federal government, and is managed by the states.

*    Children (up to age 19)

*    Pregnant women

*    Families with children younger than 19

*    Certain women screened for breast and/or cervical cancer

*    Individuals with disabilities

*    Older adults (65 or older)


For further eligibility requirements contact the Department of Job and Family Services.


In addition, Extended Life Home Care accepts many Private insurances.  If you have non-traditional insurance, please contact the office and we will assistance you in determining your eligibility.



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